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...continuing to keep you informed...

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"IPEC Update" Newsletters 

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"IPEC Update" Newsletters

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...continuing to keep you informed...

Newsletters' Contents

Whether it's "bad books" being distributed to minors in our libraries, or school-choice legislation being introduced, to the International Globalization Plan and its effects at home on our children,
Idaho Parents for Educational Choice serves as an effective tool in keeping school-choice and children-related data regularly disbursed to its readers.

See the summaries, below, of our past newsletters, which are itemized, above:

"Who Would Alter a Monopoly
If They Didn't Have to? No One!

  • "Yard by yard is hard; inch by inch; it's a cinch!"

  • A "Thanks" for All Those Who Helped with School-Choice HB669

  • The "Invisible Hand of Providence"

  • Capitol Clarity Hour: "My Child, My Choice"

  • "Bad Books" Discussion

"Education's Future:
Globalization of Indoctrination"

  • UN, Microsoft, and Gates' Globalist Plan

  • Alice A. Bailey - An Overview

  • Irina Bokova, Communist, Former UN Education Chief

  • Three Rs Being Replaced

  • Why Do We have a Department of Education?

  • Massey Bill to Terminate Department of Education

  • Others Have Tried to Dismantle It

"Stats Don't Lie"

  • How Is Idaho Doing, Academicaly?State of Idaho Scores (2022)

  • Reading (fourth grade) - 32%

  • Reading (eighth grade) - 32%

  • Math (fourth grade) - 36%

  • Math (eighth grade) - 32%

  • State of Idaho National Ranking -        47th out of 50

  • SB1038 School-Choice Failed?!

  • "Parents Call it 'Bad Grades';      Educators Call It 'Still Passing'"

"The Good, The Bad, and The Not-So-Ugly!"

  • The Good: Huge Wins in Idaho Senate

  • The Bad: Strong Incumbents Lose

  • The Not-So-Ugly: Parent-Choice Winners

  • What's Going on in the Country?

  • Parents Beware: Gender Identity is Becoming Popular with Our Kids!

  • Disgusting Books Have Got to Go!

"Are Our Libraries Safe Places?"

  • "Pornography in Public Schools and Libraries" Report: Idaho Family Policy Center

  • Schools, Libraries, and Their Employees Exempted from Harmful-Material Laws

  • HB314 Library Bill Vetoed by Governor

  • Governor Little's Veto Letter to House Majority Leader, Representative Moyle

  • Idaho Legislative District #32, Precinct 24 Unites Families

"Happy Days Are Here Again!"

  • "Arizona: Unique School-Choice Bills

  • Virginia: School Choice Wins Elections

  • Florida: Leader in Providing Options

  • Where's Idaho?!

  • Chart Showing States Enacting or Expanding School-Choice Programs

  • Education Freedom at the Supreme Court

"The Provence of Parents' Love"

  • Education as a Battleground

  • Should our School System Be Privatized?

  • The Most Dangerous Person in the World: Randi Weingarten!

  • Sowell Speaks on Deprogramming

  • A Success in Potlatch, Up North!

  • Signed Parent Permission Bill; After Three Years, Why Can't We Get It Passed?

"Idaho Ranking:
38th Out of 50!"

  • Idaho Parent/School-Choice Organizations Throughout the State

  • The Market Drives the System, Not the Unions"

  • Reliable Stats Don's Lie

  • Monopolies Usurp Rights

  • Competition - How the Nation Thrives

  • Competition - "Try It; You'll Like it"

"Great Things Are
Happening in Our Schools!

  • "The Market Drives the System, Not the Unions"

  • Reliable Stats Don's Lie

  • Monopolies Usurp Rights

  • Competition - How the Nation Thrives

  • Competition - "Try It; You'll Like it"

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"IPEC Update" 

...continuing to keep you informed... 

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