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"It's safe to say that not too long ago, many parents considered Idaho public schools and community libraries to be 'safe places' for children. For a long time, parents blissfully assumed that schools and libraries worked to impart critical thinking, robust civic engagement, and traditional community values.


But this perception has been eroding and changing in recent years, largely due to heated debates over the place that critical social justice and radical gender ideologies should hold in public school instruction and materials."

Blaine Conzatti, President/Author

Idaho Family Policy Center

"Pornography in Public Schools and Libraries"

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According to Idaho Family Policy Center, the increased scrutiny of schools and libraries has revealed other problems, as well, most notably the availability of obscene books and instructional materials to minor children.

Researchers from Idaho Family Policy Center scoured dozens of school and public library catalogues throughout the State of Idaho, looking for five (5) commonly available titles that fall under the umbrella of "obscene" for children and teenagers.

The result?

The "Pornography in Public Schools and Libraries

Report was produced, below.

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After reading the aforementioned Report, Parents Against Bad Books, an offshoot of Idaho Parents for Educational Choice, found all five books were  located in the

Idaho Falls Public Library (IFPL).


After meeting with the IFPL Board of Trustees during their March Board meeting to address this issue, Parents Against Bad Books heard the following from the Board:

  • "You can't protect the kids from everything."

  • Most of these books have been in the public libraries for years."

  • "Our solution would have to be to eliminate high-school kids from a good portion of the Library."

  • "This (pornography) is the same as minors watching the castration of pigs/cattle, World War I/World War II photos, as well as the Renaissance paintings."

  • "Parents just don't parent anymore; parents should  do their jobs."

To which representatives from Parents Against Bad Books replied, "These books are not the natural castration of animals; they are not a graphic view of what was, ultimately, the freedoms bestowed upon us by war-time conflicts; they are not a classical/cultural European artistic enlightenment/learning period. They are the raw and explicit display of sexual organs and/or activity, intended to stimulate erotic, rather than aesthetic, feelings.

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These books should be relocated to a safe place in the Library, or taken out of the facility, entirely."

Availability of Obscene Books in Idaho


Further Investigations Continue

Further investigations have shown at least 32 sexually-explicit and/or inappropriate books currently reside at the Idaho Falls Public Library, as well as many other libraries along Idaho's southeast corridor. Please see the below

"Sexually-Explicit/Inappropriate Books in Community and School Libraries" chart:

This ongoing effort will, ultimately, demonstrate, for our parents, grandparents, and other interested parties, those books throughout the entire southeast corridor of the State of Idaho, which are adjudged "pornographic", "sexually-explicit", and/or "inappropriate for minors".

Our Kids Deserve the Very Best

Under Section 18-1513, Idaho Code, current state law


"prohibits the promotion, distribution, or dissemination of material harmful to minors."


However, schools, libraries, and their employees are EXEMPTED from criminal prosecution for disseminating material harmful to minors. This loophole is now regularly exploited, with dozens of schools and community libraries throughout the State taking advantage of this "free ride".

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And, with the veto by the Governor of HB314, "The Children's School and Library Protection Act", this statewide policy prohibiting schools and community libraries from distributing this harmful materials to minors is now halted.

In his veto letter to Speaker of the House,

Representative Moyle,

informing the Speaker of the veto,

Governor Little said,

"...I am also concerned that harmful content can be much more easily

accessible to youth in their phones and the Internet,

not at their libraries.

I encourage all Idahoans who have questions about any

library materials to become familiar with the local policies

of their duly elected library or school trustee board and

engage directly with the officials who oversee them." 

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So, we're taking your advice, Mr. Governor, and

"engaging directly with the officials who oversee

our library and/or school trustee boards."



So, when they come complaining, which they are wont to do, about the mean,

and inappropriate, efforts being put forth by the DOMESTIC TERRORISTS

of this State, please go directly to the officials whom you recommend

we go, not to us parents, grandparents, and other people who are

only interested in the welfare of our children:


those who deserve only the best!


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