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Who should make decisions about

how children should be educated?


We at Idaho Parents for Educational Choice (IPEC) want to share with you the answer to this question: 


The obvious answer, consistent with American democratic values, is clear: parents. The alternative is unavoidably tyrannical.

idaho parents for educational choice high school graduation.jpg

To that end, what happened in 2021, when then Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe was again vying for the governorship in Virginia, and said,


"I don't think parents should be telling schools what they should teach."


He lost his governorship; the Lt. Governor lost his job, and the Virginia Attorney General lost his job, as well. Why? Because the parents stood up to this inane remark and fought for their kids. 


Let's make national news, just like Loudoun County, Virginia, when the parents started to voice unprecedented levels of frustration with their education system.  


What have we at IPEC learned these last two years in our fight for our children' safety and education? We have found that...


...without parents' involvement, our kids are doomed.

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