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Actions and Activities

Over the last two years, we have gotten to know some wonderful people and have had the opportunity to be involved in some great organizations' activities, who are devoted, as well, to helping our children.


We want to devote this page to them, as well as update you, the reader, on actions we have pursued, are pursuing at the present time, and plan to pursue in the future and invite you to be a part of this journey, for our kids!


IDAHO FREEDOM FOUNDATION - This is the essence of what IFF believes: 

  • What if Idaho were the single best state in the nation to live, raise a family, start a business, hold a job and go to school?

  • What if Idaho’s taxes and regulations were so low that our state attracted employers and employees from throughout the country without special incentives and corporate welfare that hurt entrepreneurs?

  • What if our state helped lead our country back toward prosperity, by embracing free market ideas and reducing reliance on a bankrupt federal government?

Answering those questions is at the center of what Idaho Freedom Foundation is about. The Idaho Freedom Foundation exists to advance the conservative principles — limited government, free markets and self-reliance — that made our country the envy of the world.

This organization is constantly working to help our kids:

  • IFF has designed the "Liberty in Education and Academic Development" (LEAD) Interactive Map, which supplies the following State of Idaho public-records data and information (a gold mine of data) for all 115 Idaho School Districts:

  • Idaho Reading Indicator Percentage at Grade Level/District;

  • Idaho Standards Achievement Test (ISAT) Percentage proficient in English and Language Arts (ELA)/District

  • ISAT Percentage Proficient in Math/District;

  • National Assessment of Educational Progress (NAEP), Statewide, in Reading (4th and 8th grades);

  • NAEP, Statewide, in Math (4th and 8th grades);

  • Spending Per Student

  • Superintendent's Total Salary

  • Rainy Day Fund Balance (% of Total Budget)

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Personnel

  • Critical Social Justice Incidents

  • List of Nearby Alternative Educational Providers

  • IFF publicized an undercover YouTube video, where Idaho public school officials are admitting to teaching CRT but under different buzz words, like... "mental health" and "equity."

iff youtube video cover.jpg
iff - investigation image.jpg


"The Republican Party exists to advance the Republican platform, assist and inform voters, promote limited government, secure our sovereignty and liberty, encourage economic growth and prosperity, preserve our national strength and pride, promote peace, freedom and human rights, and encourage personal responsibility."                                                  

Precinct #24Listening to, working closely with, and spending time with, the families that make up Precinct #24 is of paramount importance to the Precinct #24 team in its efforts to accomplish its objectives and advance the Republican Party in Bonneville County, as well as throughout the

State of Idaho.

family wrapped in flag.jpg
statue of liberty.jpg

Precinct #24 Strategic Plan - Strategically, the Bonneville County Precinct #24 PCO and APCOs will accomplish these goals by diligently executing and implementing their Strategic Plan

ipec - woman with child studying.jpg


Group Objectives: Improving Idaho's southeast corridor for its citizens by bringing together decision-makers and action-oriented individuals from the State's Twin Falls, Bannock, Bingham, Bonneville, Madison, Jefferson, and Teton Counties to communicate, connect, and share their individual county's respective interests, concerns, and successful programs.

ipec - little girl with painted hands.jpg


The Liberty Alliance of Southeast Idaho is a group of constitutionally-based organizatons, banding together to bring information and action items to you. 

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